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Selling a home in Buffalo NY

Selling a home in Buffalo NY

For a lot of people, the prospect of selling a home in Buffalo NY can be daunting.

Determining how much your home is worth in today’s market, understanding the process for selling a home, staging and marketing your home and completing all the necessary paperwork to comply with both local and federal law can seem overwhelming.


For most people buying or selling a home is the biggest investment they will ever make. When the time comes to sell you want to get your highest possible return.


Finding a Realtor ®

Find a Licensed Real Estate Sales Person. Make sure they are a REALTOR® – a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, a trade organization of nearly 1 million members nationwide. Members of NAR subscribe to a stringent code of ethics to guarantee the highest level of service and integrity. You will have direct contact with your agent, so make sure you pick one that you are comfortable with.

Steven Burton - NAR

The agent that handles your listing should:

• Make a detailed marketing plan for your house, including online and offline marketing
• Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of properties in your area that have sold, as well as properties currently listed
• Help you determine the best selling price for your house
• Advise on suggested home improvements
• Discuss and plan an Open House
• Present you with all documents required by law in Western NY

See My Marketing plan to Selling a home in Buffalo NY

Process for selling a home in Buffalo NY

If your aiming to sell your Western NY home fast then there are a couple of steps to take:

Clean up as much as possible. This may seem like an obvious first step but you would be surprised how many people don’t do it. Check out this quick article: 10 Quick Tips For Home Sellers

Contact A Licensed Real Estate Sales Person. Finding a realtor for selling a home in Buffalo NY is pretty easy. I can be contacted via email at or by phone or text at 716-465-5723. I use my cell phone so clients can contact me outside of office hours. Once contact is made I will do the preliminary research on your home using tax records and previous sales data if available. When we meet at the home I will conduct a visual inspection of the property and we will discuss what price you are comfortable with.

Whether you decide to use me or not your realtor should do the following at your meeting:

  • Present you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of properties in your area that have sold, as well as properties currently listed.
  • Discuss a detailed marketing plan for your house, including online and offline marketing
  • Suggest improvements or repairs to get the most for your home
  • Present you with all the necessary documents to list your property


Get an Attorney.

A real estate attorney takes over after the selling price and terms have been established by the realtors in the contract and all parties have signed. He or she will also be with you at settlement.


Schedule an open house with your Realtor®.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about whether an open is even necessary in today’s market. I am not going to try to hash through all the pros and cons of an open house but it is my strongly held belief that if you are selling a home in Buffalo NY an open house is a must to and yield the highest profit.

By putting buyers together, you create the motivation that simply does not come with individual showings. In such situations, buyers are much less likely to be wishy-washy. If they like the property, they inherently worry about one of the other buyers making an offer.

Consider Staging your home for highest possible offers, and to sell your home fast.

Review Offers.

Buyers Inspection

Once a buyer and seller reach mutual acceptance on a property, a home inspector is hired to investigate every nook and cranny to determine if the home is in need of any repairs. Your Realtor® should coordinate this with the buyers Realtor. An inspector will check items, such as the roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, and electrical. Afterwards, buyers will have a chance to negotiate with the sellers to cover the costs of certain repairs or to ask for concessions.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, negotiation is the key to getting the best deal. Negotiations can involve everything from settling on a sales price to concessions and financing. Your Realtor® should be an expert negotiator whose job it is to represent your interests during the give and take of a real estate transaction.


Once the offer is accepted and a closing date agreed upon, escrow allows the buyer and the seller to have an outside party ensure all parts of the contact are complete. Your Realtor® can help coordinate the completion of all necessary forms to the escrow company and monitor the escrow process until the transaction is complete.


At closing, all the paperwork is signed by the buyer and seller, both parties pay any settlement fees and the documents are officially recorded. Prior to closing, you’ll receive a settlement statement outlining any fees which may apply to you.




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