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Buying A Home in Western New York

Buying A Home in Western New York

It has taken us a while, but the area is once again on the rise. Western NY is alive and Vibrant.

Now with our swiftly developing waterfront and one of the nation’s most advanced medical corridors lots of new businesses have opened up and are benefiting from partnerships with local governments, University’s, and Cultural Institutions.

Priorities – Decide on what your priorities are before buying a home in Buffalo NY, as it will help you get a clear picture of what market you are interested.

Are your children attending public school? Then the school district should be a priority. On the other hand if you are an empty-Nester, not planning on children, or your children attend private school you may want to consider living in a city or town with low or no school taxes.

Are you getting up in age? Stairs might not be an issue today but 10 years from now you might find that staircase a little daunting.


    • Location
    • School District
    • Crime
    • Taxes, dues and fees

Additional considerations

Understand what you are buying – You can get a great deal on a “handyman special” but if your lender wont approve it you are spinning your wheels by looking at these types of properties. If the listing states the property is to be sold “as is,” it usually means repairs will be required and the seller isn’t making them. If you aren’t willing to take on a project, and more importantly can’t pay cash upfront for the property it’s best to avoid these type of listings.

Placement A house is surrounded by trees, other homes and terrain. This can affect the desirability, both for you and a future buyer. For example, what is the set-back from the property lines? A large set-back will give a feeling of openness. A short set-back could mean your living room looks into your neighbor’s bedroom. Ideally, the house should sit at a high point for good drainage. If the house sits below grade, you could be looking at a wet basement in the future.

If you are looking at Condos or Town-homes do you want to climb stairs everyday if it is on the 3rd or 4th floor?

Consider the amount of lawn maintenance, snow plowing etc.

Cost – Be sure to consider all of the costs associated with your potential new home. Along with the purchase price consider the cost of insurance, real estate taxes  and or homeowner association fees. These additional costs add up.

I can get you information about upkeep for extras like swimming pools, fancy heating and cooling systems and out buildings.

How to get started

Now comes the most important part – actually buying a home in Western NY. It is not only an emotional, but a financial decision as well. You will need the experience and support of a team of reliable professionals like Century 21 Winklhofer and Steven Burton. Contact Steven today and get the process started



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