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5 Easy Home Decor DIY Tips

5 Easy Home Decor DIY Tips

It’s time to spice things up with some easy home decor DIY’s!

DIY Easy Placemats

For this DIY, you only need 2 things. Grab some plain place mats and make a random designing using a hot glue gun. Then, spray it with any color of your choice and you have some modern looking place mats.

Patterned Paper Wall Clock

Want to give your wall clock a makeover? All you need is some patterned paper. Take the clock apart by opening the backside using a screwdriver. Cut out the patterned paper into the shape of your clock and secure with double sided tape. Put the clock back together and your DIY is ready!


DIY Metal Wall Grid

Like to keep things organized? This home décor DIY is for you! Grab a metal grid and spray paint it into the desired color. Once the paint dries, use cup hooks to hand it up and them style it as you like.

DIY Modern Planters

Plants are a great way to decorate. Take some wood containers and paint them any way you like. You can go for the geometric pattern or whatever else suits you.


Candle Lampshade

This just might be the easiest and coolest DIY ever! Take a wine glass and place a LED tea light inside and top it off with a paper shade. You can make the paper shade yourself using scrapbook paper.


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